Training goals

ACINETWORK will provide an international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary educational program.

According with the EU Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training, it will allow the DCs to obtain skills and knowledge necessary for a career development both in academia and/or private sector.

All the recruited DCs will be involved in a highly stimulating training programme, both at the local and at the network-wide level, which includes:

The implementation of the individual research projects (aligned with local PhD training programmes) that include strong collaborations with other ACINETWORK Beneficiaries.

Each researcher will be involved in local training sessions.

Joint scientific courses and workshops will be organised by the ACINETWORK consortium. An intensive and original training programme will be provided to all DCs, including multidisciplinary training events and transferable skills courses ranging from project management and responsibility in research (including ethics and regulations), to IPR/valorisation and dissemination of science.

Secondments in labs with complementary and scientific integrated areas at one of the Beneficiaries and/or Associated Partners, to complement the training through research methods offered at the home institution.

The ACINETWORK consortium will encourage the researchers to attend international conferences in the glycoscience field.

Visits at industrial sites or research centers will be performed in conjunction with the network meetings to put the students in direct contact with top levels scientific laboratories or manufacturing sites.